Friday, 31 October 2014

Here's a photo of some of the stacked up boxes in a garage.
We are now discussing with lots of people how we will display the Poppies at Tuncurry on ANZAC Day 2015 . With all the poppies being made, we will give 500 to the RSL for each of the local centres to display too.

We're all excited having reached 9,000 completed poppies now. In fact there are 9,045 poppies all ready to be displayed. We carefully pack and store in polystyrene boxes. There are 500 poppies in each box.

We're very grateful for the donation of these boxes by our local Forster fruit and vegetable shop - Farmer's Patch.

However, our first display will be when the rededication of the Tuncurry War memorial happens on 22nd Feb. 2015 . Poppies will line all the pathways and there will be a small display - but not all of the poppies will be on display then as we want ANZAC Day to be the major event.