Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anzac day 2014

What an exciting week it has been for us all.

 On Wednesday 23rd April, the Great Lakes Advocate ran our paid half page ad for the Official Launch of the poppy making workshops and on the same page had photos and an article. This was such wonderful sponsorship and support from our local newspaper and we're very grateful for all they have done to promote the project. This photo doesn't do justice to the page but you can get an idea of it.
On ANZAC Day in Forster, Prime TV reporter and news cameraman arrived unexpectedly, about 15mins before the official launch of the project by our Rector, the Rev. Les Forester and the RSL sub-branch president, Mr. Frank Brady. Both of these men and Mrs. Julie Davies, our poppy lady #1, were interviewed and some of the work in progress was filmed. A short clip of all that was shown on the local news on Friday evening. We were thrilled with that of course, and appreciated Prime TV people coming. The text of the opening speeches appears on a separate page of the blog.
The Rev. Les Forester                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr Frank Brady
About 50 people came to the first official poppy making workshop and enjoyed making poppies and having delicious afternoon tea provided by the Anglican ladies. Since then we have had more poppies finished and handed in to Julie. Today we now have over 900 poppies!
Here are the poppies spread out ready to be counted - an amazing sight indeed.
 Congratulations everyone for this amazing effort is such a short time.

  Margot was in Melbourne and was able to meet the two women who started the project, Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight, and chat with them, in between their work with people making more poppies.They were holding a workshop in the busy Federation Square from 11-4pm on ANZAC Day. People were  sitting on various chairs in a couple of rows all around the tables which had poppy kits and lots of finished poppies on them too - a great sight. The scene was backed by many poppies 'pinned' onto mesh (used a price tag gun). It was lovely to be able to share news with them.

The photo, above right,shows a beautiful wet felted poppy which Margaret displayed. Photo above shows Margaret Knight, Margot Bilston and Lynn Berry in front of the amazing display of different poppies. Margaret is wearing an unusual necklace of poppies.