Friday, 24 April 2015

Nearly there

We had about 16 ladies at Crafty Tuesday morning this week. They were involved in finishing off the sheets and making some more poppies on skewers to plant around the mats of poppies.

127This is a photo that Belinda took on Tuesday morning. We had laid out the sheets of poppies to see how they looked. There are a few poppies in a jar too.  The letters, ANZAC , will be standing up when the display is set out.

I am planning to go across to the War Memorial early ANZAC Day with a few other people and we'll put out some of the poppies, especially some on skewers. However, they will have to be collected and then put out again for the 11am service because there will be no-one around for a few hours.

 It is an exciting time, the culmination of lots of hard work by many people. I will post some photos after the service on Saturday.