Sunday, 18 May 2014

WOW - today we have 1,444 poppies completed!!
What a wonderful result that is and we're so pleased with all the work that has been done in the past two weeks. It's a great delight to see the poppies in a mass as they are handed in - the table at the Poppy Workshop last Tuesday just kept being piled high with a great variety of poppies - knitted, crocheted and in felt! It's amazing who is making the poppies and where. Some are being made by caravan travellers - even some of whom are travelling around Australia.Our Anglican Church here in Forster is well decorated with poppy posters and displays of the various poppies. We plan to decorate a 'tree' with red poppies on Pentecost Day - 8th June - as part of the church decorations for that day.
Last Tuesday, Margot spoke to the Lions group at Hallidays Point and had a great reception with lots of interest and all the patterns she'd taken disappearing. Some women already had a pattern and were knitting, but more of the women wanted to start and support us - so good to know of the general community support.
There's a new and easy crochet pattern too on the blog. It came from the Melbourne 5000 poppies group - Jen's easy pattern.
Keep up the wonderful work you are all doing. Thanks for all that too.